These are the artists and selected works Under the Subway Video Art Festival Night of NY for INCUBARTE 7.

(30 minutes of video art curated for the International Festival of Independent Art INCUBARTE 7.           The selection was developed with the more of the 200 works projected in the previous 4 years of Under the Subway Video Art Night in New York City.)

Director and curator: Antonio Ortuño.

Felix Fernandez and Juanma Carrillo (Spain)
Title: This Leak Music: rubeck NYC. 2012

«THIS LEAK» This leak presents a character who works in the business of Wall Street in a normal working day in the city of New York. During lunch you will find something that will change your whole existence as he has always under- stood. This video connects us with the energy exchange through a personal cathartic process and opens a new perspective for the future.
All my efforts resulted in these projects intend to deduce, envision and if possible neutralize that pornographic advance and preserve that conceptual multivision of the so wonderful “rabbit’s world” to which we have so much to recognize, and investigate the interrelationship among its various potential aspects.

Rosana Antolí & Guillermo Marton Bermejo (Spain)
Title: Carradine’s kids. Madrid. 2012.
Brief synopsis: David Carradine’s ‘rugged’ death inspire this project. Rosana Antolí’s women players pictures seek interaction with the lost boys of Guillermo Martin Bermejo, to experience and jointly seek risky forms of pleasure.
An ode to death and the resurrection. A mirror of a generation not temporarily defined, but by avoiding sexual games left and move the viewer into a voyeuristic position, where this is the observer of the atrocious maneuvers masturbation. The drawings leave the flat sup- port to interact with each other or even with machines, in a romantic background, which emphasizes this almost theatrical drama.

Khalif Thompson (USA)
Title: Lif in Perpetuity New York. 2013.
Brief synopsis: I started work on this artistic film thinking about the amount of work that is endured by me and people each day and how this schedule oftask we create for ourselves turn into a forward routine, especially in NYC; it becomes time without end, in what would seem an eternity of work. The film follows me, seeing life through my perspective as I go through my own little piece of eternity; narratives of different familiar shots are includ- ed from my everyday experience as well as things that inspire me to keep trying each day. This is also homage to the many fellow artists in high school working at future goals with each passing period of time.

José Luis Soto (Puerto Rico)
Title: gray No. 33. New York City. 2013.
Brief synopsis: This video depicts patterns generated falling snow. The image is mirrored to create a kaleidoscope effect and in the process, the patterns are revealed. The work is inspired by nature’s use of repeating fractal forms. The sound was produced specially for this video to create a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates the viewer’s aesthetic experience.

Christophe Bruchansky (Canada)
Title: Concentration. Hong Kong. 2010.
Brief synopsis: What is most fascinating in a skyscraper? Is it its height? Or is it the impor- tance given to its location? Why do thousands of people want to be teleported every day to the front door of a single building, while there are so many other geographical coordinates to choose from on Earth? The massive appearance of a skyscraper is the materialization of the importance of its location.
The “Concentration” video suggests that such a disproportionate interest in specific locations is due to a phenomenon of concentration: a door becomes highly desirable because of the importance given to the doors next door. This remains true even when the first building becomes anecdotal, and when concentration in itself becomes the significance. The Hong Kong harbour has brought in workers, financial institutions, and then consumer facing companies, the whole being sustained only because of concentration.

Marcia Beatriz Granero (Brasil)
Title: TV TRIP São Paulo, Brazil.
Brief synopsis: TV TRIP is a string of media hallucinations imagined by Jaque Jolene. Falling into an exciting reverie, fragmented divas start to emerge from her remote control.
Production format: DVD. Stereo.

Jean-Michel ROLLAND (Epinay-sur-Orge – FRANCE)
Title: NEONS MELODY Paris. 2011
Brief synopsis: Visual and musical work on the sound and light generated by the lightning of a ceiling neon.
Video screened by Digital Graffiti  most innovative prize award, by 25èmes Instants Vidéo, TVP Kultura, THE 01 Video Art Review, Sokol, Malopolskie Cultural Center (Poland), Galeria Bielska BWA, Experiments in Cinema, by Galeria Bunkier Sztuki, by Char- lotte Street Arts Center, by Artaq 2012 with mention from the jury, by Videoformes 2012, MADATAC4, Galeria Texu, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Interstitial Theatre, Galeria Labirynt, by Underground Supposedium of Electronic Arts – USEA2012, by Geh8 – Noth- ing Movie Night and by Novi Sad Cultural Center.
Irene Cruz (Spain)
Title: The silence Berlin, 2014.
Brief synopsis: The silence is the biggest power that exists, although this one is invisible. Because everything what exists there are partial aspects of the silence. Everything what exists is generated in what does not exist, in what it does not appear.
To open to the silence is to open to the entire, unconditional potential. To explain this I base on a reflection: To compose music, there is so necessary the sound, like the silence.

Peter T. Christenson (USA)
Title: Audition. Arizona, 2012.
Brief synopsis: Love me. Want me. I am beautiful; I am for sale; I can be yours for all of etenity.

(one) Contrast: deWall


From the old Arab wall of the city of Valencia, deWall will host in its facilities the awards ceremony and jazz concerts for Incubarte 7.

deWall is a platform to intervene, create and transmit experiences, aimed at groups, companies and professionals in the fashion, industrial design, architecture, photography, journalism, literature, advertising, animation, film, TV, economics, politics, teaching … as they define themselves.

Heineken with (incub) Arte


We continue joining forces to Incubarte 7: Heineken will be present at our Festival .

Heineken has been sponsoring during five consecutive years, the most important international event for contemporary art of the Spanish State : ARCO, and now they extend their arms to Incubarte 7. Great!

Heineken will accompany us in the various events and openings in every space, and of course in the closing of the Festival .

This year Heineken will dye in green spaces like MuVIM, Llotgeta , Sala Escalante and Sala Lametro.

Here is the list of video artists selected for INCUBARTE 7


Yes, at last, and after countless hours of viewing, we have finally the video artists selected for INCUBARTE 7.

As it happened with the others disciplines, those who had been selected will receive an e-mail with all the details to do effective their participation and the projection of their video in the exhibition places.

And if you can not wait, or just you don’t want to wait for the e-mail: check right now here if you are in the list.

The projections of the official selection will be made in the Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i la Modernitat, MuVIM and Víbora Club, and also will be additional screenings at: Pluton CC., La Llotgeta, Ibercaja, Sala Escalante y Sala lametro.

As in the selection of the other disciplines, we have also a significant presence of international artists, with works from Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Norway, Indonesia, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, USA, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Serbia, Ireland, France, South Africa, Syria, Mexico, Ukraine, Thailand and of course Spain.

INCUBARTE 7 as you already know, but we can not help to remind you, will take place from June 18th to 21st, 2015, in the city of Valencia, in some of the best exhibition centers of the city.

You can follow all the news here and in our social networks: stay tuned!!

FERMAX, main sponsor of INCUBARTE 7

Fermax patrocinador principal INCUBARTE 7

INCUBARTE faithful followers, we can announce FERMAX will be main sponsor of INCUBARTE 7!

We continue joining forces for Incubarte family, and that is to continue with the possibility of offering free access to the best international art. It is essential to seek the collaboration of actors involved in the art world, as it has done FERMAX for quite some years.

FERMAX through this support to Incubarte, International Art Festival, strengthens its strategy as a patron of street art to convey its corporate values: creativity, design, innovation and personality. FERMAX products decorate the cities across the world, setting a distinctive style in each of the portals and homes where they are located. It is this characteristic, as manufacturers of urban art, which artists paint, what makes them commune with Incubarte. Hence the vocation of FERMAX for collaborating with projects and festivals to promote Urban Art or Street Art.

“The design has also worked as a key factor for internationalization, because not only has been a differentiating strategy, but that the search for cross-cultural languages, able to cross borders, has been promoted within the company excellence in design. And this is the path that Incubarte takes, with the participation of international artists that facilitate the exchange of stylistic trends among the different countries of the world.”

Javier Marisco, our director, has indicated the special importance that a Valencian brand of international prestige, to become the main sponsor of INCUBARTE 7, since “the involvement of local patrons is vital for the survival and development of art in Valencia.”

FERMAX is a valencian family business specializing in audio systems, digital video intercom and access control systems, considered one of the best brands in the world with an international presence in over 70 countries.

Today, the success of FERMAX is measured by the number of countries, cultures and social spaces where the brand is present and ranging from social housing in Europe to luxury buildings in New York or Dubai. For them, FERMAX integrates quality product as VIVO monitors to be displayed in various exhibition venues of the event.

Link to FERMAX.

And also download the Press Release (spanish).

We already have the selection, see if you’re on the list


Attention! We are still pending the selection of video art, which will be posted next week. We want to take time to review all the submissions attentively and carefully out of respect for the artists

If you are anxious to see who is included in this year’s Festival, here is the list!

We know that we have taken our time, but the selection process has been tough and extremely demanding, as out of 2700 submissions we have had to reduce the list to only 150 artists. Unfortunately, a large number of works of unquestionable quality have been left out. Regarding the origin of the works, we are happy to see INCUBARTE grow every year and represent more international artists. With a third of the selected artists being Spanish, the rest represent a large number of countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovaquia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela.

The online open call, has been growing every year. Having started with 300 submissions in 2011, this year we received over 2700 proposals. According to Javier Marisco, the festival’s director, the curatorial work is increasingly intense due to the large number of proposals, but also the impressive quality of the submitted works, hindering significantly the selection process.

INCUBARTE 7 will take place on June 18-21 in Valencia, and will count with the participation of some of the city’s best art venues.

You can follow all the news here and on our social networks. Stay Tuned! Less than two months to go!

We keep discussing about the best selection! Keep tuned, soon news!


Dear friends and supporters, participants in the call for artistic proposals for INCUBARTE 7, we must announce that due to the large number of proposals, and of course, the high quality of them, we are still working on the selection, in order to treat all proposals with the same care in their assessment.

In the coming days you will have the full selection on the web, and be at full security you will be dutifully notified here, as well as we’ll try to answer all the doubts and questions that you may have.

We continue working on the selection!

We look forward to your patience for a few more days.

Thank you!

Incubarte, International Art Festival