Since 2011, the festival has granted a series of awards with the goal to promote the connections between artists and art professionals.

Incubarte has never awarded cash prizes. Instead, it offers an opportunity to create a professional exhibition project in one of the galleries which compose the jury. The organizers invite a number of gallery directors and art professionals in order to create a jury, whose main function is to the select the artists they find interesting according to both their exhibition spaces and their lines of work.


In this 7th edition, the festival continues to promote this type of awards, with the goal to create a jury team committed to supporting the creativity, dialogue and contemporary artistic production.

In past years, the festival was attended by a jury composed of galleries such as Galería Punto, Galería Kessler-Battaglia, Galería Mr.Pink, Galería 33, Galería Alba Cabrera from Valencia, H20, Ob-Art and Artnobel from Barcelona or E.E.A. from Santander, and international galleries such as DoK Gallery from Zurich, Galeria Czulosc from Warsaw, Okazy and as well as directors of independent art spaces, such as Okazy and Das Artelier from Germany or Davis Museum from Lisbon. Independent art spaces, such as La Mutante or La Clínica Mundana have also collaborated with the festival.

Festivals of video-art Cologne Off (Germany) and Screens (Valencia) also made up their own selection within the video programme in 2013.

To complete the jury, gallery directors were advised and supported by art critics and curators, such as Jaime Lavagne, Tomás Ruiz, José Garnería, Mareta Espinosa or Julio César Abad Vidal, who offered their expertise in the selection process.