The Incubarte Cultural Association presents the 7th INCUBARTE International Art Festival, a cultural event which includes plastic and visual arts and which over the last seven years has been evolving with great acceptance by the public and critical approval in Valencia.

Incubarte, conceived as a meeting point for artists and the audience, is an event where networks between different art and culture professionals are created. The event has a public, free and festive nature, and our main objective is to expose Valencian citizens to the latest Spanish and international art trends, selecting artists from the contemporary international art scene. Since 2008, the Festival has exhibited works of over 700 artists of a wide range of nationalities, many of them previously unknown and unaccessible to a large public. During its 2013 edition, the show counted with 175 artists of 26 nationalities.

In 2015, the Festival is celebrating its 7th edition, which retains the original proposal of research, support and promotion of new art trends. The programme includes all types of art genres, such as Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Video-art, Performance, Dance, Street art and Mapping. Incubarte especially focuses on those interdisciplinary projects which propose an original, innovative and creative view in all mediums.

In order to provide access to the art world for talented young artists, Incubarte offers renowned venues for the exhibition of different artistic proposals. This way, an open network is created, where both emerging and established artists exhibit their work, being given an exceptional opportunity to share and establish contacts with other art professionals. At the same time, the show serves as a meeting point and helps establish contacts between artists and professionals of the cultural sector. Since our main goal is to publicise the work of new talents, the festival publishes a catalogue of all participating artists and also promotes them on the official INCUBARTE website:


Since 2011, Incubarte has taken a great quantum leap in the quality of the artwork and a growing representation of international artists as well as in the particiation of a jury which includes local and international galleries and influential art critics, proof of which is the participation data of the last three editions:

  • In the 2001 editions, the festival counted with 300 proposals, selecting 70 artworks;
  • In the 2012 editions 145 artworks were selected out of 800 proposals,
  • In the 2013 edition 1800 proposals were presented and 175 artists from 26 countries were selected.

With each edition, a greater emphasis is given to the quality of the proposals and the exhibition venues. Our goal is also to grow and increase the international scope of the festival, with the ambition of reaching the broadest possible audience. In the last two editions, the Festival features a number of exceptional exhibition spaces, such as Museu Centre del Carme, MuVIM (Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity), Jardí Botànic (Botanical Garden), Institut Français, Galería Punto, Sala La Gallera,. Espai d’Art Fotogràfic, Sala La Llotgeta CAM, Galería MrPink, Espacio La Mutante, Clínica Mundana, and NYM_LAB.


After six years of continuous editions, and in a difficult economic climate, the Incubarte 7 International Art Festival is the only event providing the city of Valencia with high quality contemporary art.

The festival, in its innovative and original format, has enjoyed extensive media coverage both nationally and internationally, and is considered one of the European festivals with a greatest impact. Since its second edition, Incubarte has included many foreign artists in its programming. Their presence is a key factor in the expansion of the festival and helps place the city of Valencia within the active circle of international contemporary art.

For this edition, Incubarte will feature a series of independent curators, with each exhibition space unified conceptually under a distinct theme.